Is There An Elephant In the Room?

Don’t be embarrassed by your worn out carpet.

For starters, most people replace the carpet in their home for 3 main reasons,
1. Kid Stains (kool aid, soda, you know the drill)
2. Years of wear and tear (i.e. matted down hallways)
3. Pet stains (need we say more?)


One of the most common statements we hear from our clients is “I’ve been meaning to replace my carpet for years, I wish I had done this years ago”. No one should have to feel embarrassed inviting their friends and family over when the solution for new carpet is this easy. Here at Carpet Now we don’t want to sell you a carpet that puts a bandaid on the problem, we want to sell a solution that withstands years of use with your active family.

Let’s face it, you cant predict the future or keep bad things from happening on your carpet but you can choose a carpet that can be naturally stain resistant and easily cleaned when accidents occur. We’ve made it easy and simple by offering three level’s of carpet starting at $1.99 installed. Click here to read more about our process and how to replace your existing carpet.