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There is an old saying “price, quality, speed. You can pick any two.” Here at Carpet Now we are here to offer all three! Our mission is to be the easiest and most reliable carpet installation company in the USA. Our company relies on people, product and process.


Our estimators are highly-trained and qualified carpet experts here to find the best carpet solution for your home. Whether you are in the midst of buying or selling a new home or just wanting to upgrade your existing carpet, we are here to serve your needs. We believe in old-fashioned customer service and treating everyone with a red-carpet experience. Our success is dependent on giving our home owners a great installation and letting them spread the word to their friends.


We have done the hard work and research to find the most “bang for your buck” carpets in any carpet situation. No more shopping in a retail store and getting confused by the thousands of unorganized samples. We bring the samples to you, and we guarantee you’ll have a quick, painless selection in no time.


Let’s be honest, the remodel industry has a bad rep for poor communication and slow turn around times. Here at Carpet Now we have instituted a process that allows us to install in 1-5 business days and installation only takes one day. But it’s not just about speed. In order to be the best, you have to communicate. That’s why our estimators will be your designated project manager, and they will personally see to it that your installation is timely and well-executed for your best interest.


Father and son duo Ben Hendrix and Willie Hendrix have been in the flooring industry for more than 40 years combined. After owning and running the highest rated boutique flooring store in Austin, TX, they set out to start a new carpet company that refused to compromise customer service and attention to detail when rolled out nationwide.

James Boyd

Fort Worth Sales Manager

Holly Wallace

Office Manager

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Office Manager

Tim Gates

South Austin Sales Manager

Ben Hendrix


Stephen Burton

Chuck Bearden

North Austin Sales Manager

Robert Sherman

Dallas Sales Manager